Danny O’Keefe
MSBA Vice President and Co-Founder


Danny O’Keefe is the Vice President and, along with his wife, Celeste, is
Co-Founder of DANCEL Multimedia. Danny has strategized and executed presentations in significant litigation for both plaintiff and defense firms across the United States.

For more than three decades, Danny has been recognized as an expert in mock trial and focus group preparation, graphics consulting and design, document management and courtroom presentation. Over the course of his career, Danny has provided theme development, venue studies, jury selection consultation, post-trial interviews, and has facilitated shadow juries for hundreds of trials. He is an “outside the box” thinker, with the ability to troubleshoot and problem solve quickly and efficiently in high-pressure environments.

Danny is also a professional videographer, specializing in video settlements, “Day in the Life” and “Loss of Love” videos, forensic animation, video inspections and training and video edits and enhancements. His video work and creative solutions have led to countless favorable outcomes for clients.

Danny earned his Master of Science in Business Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi.

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Celeste O’Keefe
MSBA, ASTC - CEO and Co-Founder MS in Business Administration

Danny O’Keefe
MSBA - Vice President and Co-Founder

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